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Auditing & Accounting Services
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Auditing & Accounting Services

We strive to make life easier for our customers and their companies. Dubai - As a local business and specialized accounting firm based in the UAE, we provide innovative business solutions for companies and entrepreneurs who need success. Srishti: Accounting and Auditing was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2002 by expert auditor Rashid Ahmad al-Shaikh based on modern and practical standards of modern technology. In the short term, the company has gained greater accountability and trust in the UAE in its audit firms for its achievements in professional auditing. The company provides advanced technology and professional support and is dedicated to providing professional services and consulting services to all types of companies, regardless of their operations and legal entities. Our mission is to provide a complete quality service based on practical and modern procedures. The goal: For working with professional organizations and organizations, and for the cost-effective service of positive, prompt and entrepreneurial business advice, accelerate the accounting and accounting processes and accelerate national and international trends and invest in audit resources and technologies. . And changes in this area. Accounting and Auditing provides good advice to its clients to overcome challenges and opportunities in the audit process to maximize benefits and opportunities from their operations. At Affiliate Accounting and Auditing, we provide your valued customers with a unique combination of experience, integrity and service, supported by years of experience in auditing, financial accounting and administration to meet your specific needs and requirements. Your success is our goal.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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