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Aeroshell Lubricants – Specification meeting MIL standards

Be it aircraft piston engine oils, jet oils, greases or hydraulic fluids, AeroShell is one of the most comprehensive and proven ranges of aviation lubricant products. We combine this with what is among the best technical support in the industry. Our AeroShell range has been trusted for generations and used extensively in the aviation lubricants market worldwide.
Category: Oil, Gas & Lubricants
Sub-Category: Lubricants & Greases
Brand: shell
Aerosol International Trading LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

AeroSol International Trading L.L.C, an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ASA member,  an Aviation Consumables supply company strategically located in Dubai and serving the Middle east clientele since 2014. Our Customers include Civil Aviation , General Aviation, Defense , Airports , Marine and  Industrial Segments in the region. You may further get more information about our products and services from our website: We are the Authorized distributors of ,EAS, Autostop Aviation, Avlabs, Dow Corning ,Krusman safety , Gulf Marine Lubricants and other Global renowned manufacturers. We have one of the best logistics team located in UAE  who support in delivering the product straight up to customer’s warehouse  with minimum lead time, without any hassles of customs, taxation, shipping, and documentation. Please be informed that due to our services, and customized CVP’s that we offer our clients; we have been awarded annual supply contracts with many Aviation Operators in the region , and various other countries. Our customers include Ammroc, Dynacorp, Vinnell Arabia, Flynas, Medevac, Saudi Airlines, Arabasco, NESMA Airlines, Etihad,  Air Arabia, Saudi Gulf Airlines, AlphaStar, RAFO, GAL, Joramco and many more.

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