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Advance Est For Lighting & Electricals


Category: Electrical & Electronics
Sub-Category: Electrical Switchgear
Advance Est For Lighting & Electricals
locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates
userHumdy Al Sayed

The reputed Al Yousifi Group established the Advance Est. For Lighting & Electricals in 1998 as their subsidiary. We are one of the top trading and manufacturing companies in the lighting and electricals industry in the Middle East region. We offer quality and safety assured wiring devices and lighting services. We have a long-standing reputation of working on critical projects, providing wiring solutions for industrial and commercial buildings, luxury buildings, hotels hospitals in all of UAE. Vision Our ultimate goal is to be a go-to electrical solution for all our clients and innovate new products and services to achieve higher customer satisfaction. Mission We are committed to providing the best quality and safe lighting and electrical solutions for both residential & commercial purposes.

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