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Acrylic Bending

Pleasant acrylic is a acrylic manufacturing company based in dubai, can specialize bending, blowing for acrylic dome in any dia.
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Acrylic Bending
Pleasant Acrylic LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userJaved Ali

Pleasant Acrylic is the leading fabrication company based in Dubai, U.A.E. The company specializes in P.O.P. displays and is directed by an experienced management team. Our mission is to capture the fast-growing acrylic industry in the U.A.E., maintaining high standards of our services, quality, and customer satisfaction. We offer end-to-end acrylic design, manufacturing, tooling, and plastics production services. We make it our ultimate priority to deliver only the best solutions to our clients on time. Because customer satisfaction is a driving motivator, we have established a new division which is committed to extrude PMMS to maintain high quality extruded acrylic sheets for the U.A.E. market. Here at Pleasant Acrylic, we have set up an advanced manufacturing unit to produce these acrylic products in-house. We have installed sophisticated machinery and equipment handled by our professional team of technicians. We offer a wide range of designing and manufacturing acrylic products like display stands, acrylic furniture, kiosks shelves, shoe racks for displaying mobile phones, jewellery, and more. We also produce price stands, calendars, photo frames, medals and other products for shopping malls, showrooms, and restaurants.

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