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Accounting and Book Keeping
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We are the specialized accounting and auditing firm having experience, high efficiency, knowledge of International Accounting Standards and latest accounting software. We are the best suited for those companies who they are not in a position to appoint personnel for looking after their accounts and those not wish to bear the burdens of the appointment of full time Accountants.
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Union Accounting & Auditing is a team of trust-worthy, reachable and active accountants who are there to do more than just to respond to your needs but also work alongside with you to make sure that you succeed. As you know about today's business scenario which is fast moving, and highly competitive, we make sure that we give you the support of professionals on time so that the solution is effective to help them move forward. We believe that the professional services provided by us will always be beneficial to our clients. We are a Chartered Accountants firm and do management consulting for various companies providing them with professional services for the success of our clients by creating value and confidence for them allowing them to move forward confidently in the new economy. As a call of duty we look up to the international community to adopt new strategies with the rapid modernization of markets, the emergence of various free Trade Zone opportunities provided by the expanded common markets. The organization of Accounts & Audits plays a vital role in maintaining the records of the funds to achieve correct financial results in addition to the implementation of relevant Law of the land, rules and regulation. We offer specialized expertise and knowledge in accounting and finance management that will truly improve the financial position of any organization.

Union Accounting & Auditing
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Hussain, El Sayed
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