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Solar Gard high performance window films are advanced multi layer Nano technology products manufactured under ISO14001 AND 9001 quality control facility in The United States of America . Solargard sun control window tint films highly durable and high heat resistant products which makes it different from the other brands. Solargard window film manufacturing technologies are patented and different from the conventional manufacturing methods. Solar Gard window tint films are the right investment for your car as it is high technology product which rejects the heat upto 72% and protect you from the harmful UV rays by 99%. Solar Gard will be like sunscreen for your automobile, The high performance SolarGard sun protection window films blocks the Ultra Violet rays by 99% (UVA & UVB) and protect your skin from the skin darkening and other risk factor of excessive exposure to the sun light which leads to skin cancer . The multiple layers of solargard sun control films protect your vehicle interior fabrics and leather from premature fading due to the harmful sun rays. SolarGard heat control window films reduce excessive glare & hotspots and keeps you in comfort and makes your driving really enjoyable. Solargard high performance heat rejection films are manufactured with 14 layers of protective coating for the maximum protection from the heat and harmful rays. The patented multi layer nano technology protective layers does not interrupt your GPS or tele communication system in the desert or weak signal area. Solargard automotive films are available with variety of shades in various performance ratios with enhanced protection with SPF 285(skin protection factor) and more. Customize your car outlook with solar gard tint shades and high end protective tinting at authorized solar gard dealer outlet. Solar Safety offering free consultation services on your visit to our Dubai, abu dhabi outlets in UAE. Contact us on the following tele phone number for assistance to reach us to our Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlet. (Dubai Branch 04-3884318, 055-3733784) (Abu Dhabi Branch 0554880569, 0553733784).
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Solar Safety Film Trading LLC
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Sun based Safety Film Trading.L.L.C is the main entertainer in the window film industry of the United Arab Emirates. As the Middle East district has been one of the developing economies with environmental concerns in the energy-saving idea, Solar Safety advances our corporate trademark "EARTH POSITIVE AND CARBON NEGATIVE" with energy-saving and sun control solutions for diminishing the carbon impressions yield. As a feature of practice environmental safety idea, Most of the corporate organizations are exchanging their current office the executives into the energy-saving concepts as per the vision of Dubai supreme council of energy and Abu Dhabi Urban planning council. Solar safety assists with changing the current structure into an energy saving idea by introducing sun based energy control film to dismiss the warmth radiation and spare energy spent on cooling. Sunlight based Gard items can dismiss the warmth up to 82% and serves to chops down the vitality utilization by 30%. We give proficient execution of heat dismissal and sun control arrangements without bargaining current idea of work territory with common presentation under total wellbeing standards and universal norm. Solar safety based security in every case carefully holds fast to the quality help to give a sheltered presentation to the daylight by shielding from introduction to UV radiation and heat. Our administration is proposed to business properties, for example, showrooms, workplaces, home|villas, private structures, schools. SolarGard window films are present-day solar-powered innovation items with enduring properties to protect the client with 10 years processing plant sponsored guarantee. solar-powered Safety executes the establishment of wellbeing and security movies to the banks and government offices to keep from constrained sections to guarantee security. We prescribe window film establishment to schools and instructive office to diminish the over the top glare | UV radiation and sunlight based warmth introduction, and wellbeing movies to the glasses which are presented to the danger of breakage and making peril the individuals. We offer a wide range of elite film items for car sections, for example, a fleet of school transports and vehicles. Our condition of craftsmanship office to introduce the car film establishment worked in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. Our items and administrations justified up to 10 years with reliable execution. Our car item extends incorporates nano innovation item CLEAR SHIELD Pro paint assurance films (PPF) to shield your vehicle body finish from the harms of street flotsam and jetsam and stone chipping during the on-street and goes mud romping drives. All sorts of computerized and documental tributes are accessible in our Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlets to find out about Solar Gard Window movies and quality norms. Solar power bases Safety offering free site assessment visit in each of the seven emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah in UAE. Get in touch with us on the accompanying phone number for direction to contact us or find out about our Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlet. (Dubai Branch 04-3884318, 055-3733784)

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