Five M Waste Management & Environmental Consultancy

Mezzanine Floor, Al Barza Pharmacy Building, Khalidiya Street, Al Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi
Landmark: Dar Al Themia
P.O.Box: 93695, Abu Dhabi
Mobile Number: +971-56-3770661
Fax: +971 2 6321128

Five M Company is one of the fast growing Waste Management Services companies in United Arab Emirates. We have been providing waste management solutions to all projects, Hazardous and non-Hazardous waste undertaken by residential communities, multinational companies, industries, hotels, properties, educational institute and industrial areas. Our Integrated Waste Management Services & Environmental Consultancy Solutions covers municipal waste, construction and demolition waste, Liquid waste, Industrial Waste, Electrical & Electronics Waste, Chemical Waste, Drill Cuttings Waste, Produced Water, Sewage Water, Oil Waste and all types of Hazardous Waste.

Company Credentials:

At Five M, waste collection is synonymous with customized solutions and timely service. You will have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of containers that best suit your requirements; moreover you will be well informed about the progress of your projects via an intelligent service planning mechanism that responds to your needs and follows up on the execution, to make sure your project is delivered on time.. To manage the diversion, recycling and reuse of the waste in a way that is consistent with, or superior to, applicable government regulations, including environmental, health and safety. Thus, our mission is too transfer “absolute” garbage and recyclables to the appropriate facilities until our goal of zero waste is achieved


As a Waste Management Company, struggles to meet burgeoning local demand, the quest for waste management and recycling leads to deeper scope, harsher environments and complex solutions for maximizing their assets. All of these conditions require special knowledge, technologies and capabilities. Five M conquers these challenges with an unparalleled depth of services throughout the life of the field;
Environmental protection and pollution control
Waste Management
Water treatment monitoring
Industrial and oil field services
Specialized transportation and trucking