The Laurel Nursery

Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi
Landmark: Behind the Police College
P.O.Box: 6017, Abu Dhabi
Fax: +971 2 6666242
The Laurel Nursery is a fully licensed preschool, now operating in Abu Dhabi. We serve the age groups of 6 months to 4 years in both our Early Childhood Education Program and our Day Care Program.

Welcome to the best start in life for your child.

Parents want the very best for their children and at The Laurel Nursery (Laurel) we make this happen. We understand that the very first years of a child’s life are the most critical in determining their ability to succeed not only in their continuing academic endeavors but also in all aspects of their lives. We are cognizant and comfortable with our obligation to our pupils and their parents and we work very hard to lay the right foundations for a successful beginning and future.

Based on the most advanced and robust curriculum in the United States, High Scope, our curriculum enhances and accelerates the learning process for children. Through a carefully designed program of fun learning, children build their own knowledge and develop their own imagination by interacting with the world and the people around them. It's an approach that will give your child all the benefits of having a head start in their academic development in a caring, safe and welcoming setting..


Programs and Activities:

The Laurel Nursery offers 3 programs - The Early Childhood Education Program, as well as the Day Care Program, and its yearly Summer Camp. It offers a wide ranges of activities including but not limited to Music & Rhythm, Water Play, Sand play, Show & Tell, Pretend Play, Field Tips, Thematic Days, Gardening etc...