Al Fakhama Prefab Houses Ind. LLC

Zaid Street, Sajaa Industrial Area, Sharjah
P.O.Box: 46730, Sharjah
Mobile Number: +971 50 8907467
Fax: +971 6 5360805
Al Fakhama Prefab Houses Industries LLC is one of leading companies in Prefabricated Building manufactures in the GCC, Specialized in port cabins, modular Buildings, Toilet units, Security Cabins, mosque, villas , Container converted units, knock Down and Flat pack deliveries.
Al Fakhama is a perfect solution for Construction building project, infrastructure, Oil field, hospitality sector, Government and private projects. We do full turnkey project, tailor made to the client’s specifications and unique advantage of Al Fakhama is execute client requirement where trailers or cranes not reachable. We committed to deliver high quality workmanship within short period of time. All cabins produced in our facilities in Sajjaa Industrial area, Sharjah where is designed to optimize quality, efficiency and workmanship all tools, anchors and adhesives are sourced from top quality suppliers and applied under the right conditions to optimize performance.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide highest quality of cabins produced in short time and delivered to clients in competitive rate. We always look forward to adapt new technology and methods for increasing efficiency.
We will always try to offer improved specification if this will result in better quality or more competitive prices. Each prefab unit designed according to clients’ requirements and specification and must be approved by the clients before production start. Frequent Quality checks throughout the whole production process from fabrication of steel frames, wall frames, installation and complete quality check before transporting to required site.
Al Fakhama is capable of utilizing prefabricated buildings to highest level possible from, design, production,technical and management.
Al Fakhama invested in state of art equipment from industrial leaders and employ experienced industrial experts. Joining hands with industry leaders, adopting best available technologies, investing in human resources and become one of the leaders for prefabricated Building industry in GCC
Al Fakhama plan achieve the targets by development of our people by fostering and promoting a challenging environment of empowering and continuous learning based on a clear commitment of applying strict and safety standards. Continuous cost reduction by pursuing industry standards in business process and securing lower delivered cost wherever we do business. We focused to reach customer and obtain the preferred supplier position in order to deliver better performance and increase market share.
We believe that succession planning, resourcing and training are a key factor to success. Simplification of processes and organization keep Al Fakhama as right choice to our customers.