Tamam Vehicles Testing

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Testing & measuring instruments
Al Ghandi Auto emerged with the vision of the United Arab Emirates to provide a constantly evolving market with world class automotive products and services. With one vision, we stand to achieve our goal - Empowering people throughout the region to reach out and connect and improving our customer's lives with the best possible offering of products, services and support. We take pride in that. We believe in transparent communications with our personnel, associates, suppliers and most of all our customers is an imperative key to our success. The results prove it.
The Al Ghandi Automotive Group consists of 13 Companies operating within the GCC region, India and east Africa providing a vast array of opportunities for different clientele. Al Ghandi Auto is a leading General Motors Automotive Dealership selling Chevrolet and GMC vehicles in Dubai and the North Emirates. Al Ghandi Auto is driven to provide a constantly evolving market with world-class automotive products, innovation, service and parts support and outstanding customer service. Al Ghandi Auto has grown to become one of the largest automotive organisations in the Middle East that is comprised of six divisions with over 1000 highly trained employees ​