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Rubber Stamp Manufacturers

Rubber stamping, also called stamping uses a type of ink made of dye or pigment to an image that has been molded, carved or vulcanized onto a sheet of rubber. The rubber is often mounted onto a wood, brick or an acrylic block. These clinging rubber stamps can be stored in a smaller amount of space and cost less. Temporary stamps with simple designs can be carved from a potato. Rubber stamps are used in offices, for decorating objects or as children's toys. Decorative rubber stamps are used in homemade craft projects. Art stamps can be used to decorate scrapbooks or to add color and variety to photo albums, on letters, greetings cards, birthday and Christmas cards, banners and flyers, on notebooks, stationery and holiday wrapping paper. Art rubber stamps can be painted with fabric paint to create a decorative border design on fabric. Rubber stamps can also be used on trunks, jewelry boxes and picture frames.