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Rubber Linings - Anti-Corrosive

Anti-corrosive rubber lining is the skilled application of un-vulcanized and vulcanized rubber sheets to prepared metal surfaces for excellent resistance to corrosive and abrasive chemicals and materials, such as acids, alkalis, salt water etc. Anti-corrosive rubber lining are durable and reliable apart from providing effective resistance against corrosion. Material elements of anti-corrosion linings include rubber, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, soft PVC, glass-fiber flake, FRP, acid-proof brick, bituminous tape, etc. Rubber linings also provide noise and vibration reduction, electrical and thermal insulation and product protection. Anti-corrosive rubber linings are used in marine industry, for corrosion resistant linings for fume scrubbers and cooling pipework, in mining, quarrying and aggregates, for chutes, hoppers and storage bins and by water and effluent treatment plants, to name a few.