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Polynesian restaurants in the 20th century are referred to as Tiki culture in the United States. Polynesian restaurants reflect most often than not the calm nature of Polynesia. Polynesian restaurants traditional offers include Polynesian Chicken, to Mango Beef and Salmon Teriyaki. Polynesian restaurants serve cuisine which encompasses the Central and Southern Pacific Island cuisines. Polynesian restaurants are marked for their interesting variety of seafood and associated dishes plus vegetables and fruits. The French Polynesian restaurant is one of the most acclaimed culinary traditions of the region. Polynesian restaurants most popular recipes include Poisson Cru, Pipi Soup, Crab and Kumara Bisque, Maori Boiled Soup and Soup of Watercress. Polynesian restaurants serve Polynesian food which is from three major cuisines, namely, the French, the Fijian and the Hawaiian.