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Japanese Restaurants serve Japanese food. There are many types of Japanese restaurants, specializing in just one type of food, from Sushi-ya, to Kaiten-zushi, Soba-ya and Udon-ya, Ramen-ya, Gyudon-ya and Yakitori-ya among others. Japanese restaurants that offer a broader range of dishes than specialized restaurants are Izakaya, which tends to be informal, with dishes shared amongst the table rather than eaten individually, Family Restaurant and Shokudo, casual restaurants featuring mostly Japanese style food such as soba, udon, donburi and curry. Many restaurants in Japan also specialize in foreign cuisine such as Korean, Chinese and Italian cooking. Japanese restaurants most known food is Sushi, eaten worldwide. Apart from rice, staples include noodles, such as soba and udon. Traditional Japanese restaurants have low tables and cushions, usually found on tatami floors, with tatami mats, made of straw, can be easily damaged and are hard to clean, thus shoes are always taken off when stepping on tatami floors.