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Cuban Restaurants serve Cuban cuisine which offers distinct taste with wild use of citrus, sour orange, lime, lemon, tomato, vinegar, onion, garlic, peppers, white wine or beer (depending on region and dish), raisins and olives/capers to flavor almost every savory dish. Cuban restaurants often serve complex and flavorful meals with opposing sweet vs. salty vs. acidic components. Cuban desserts are known for their sweetness. Cuban restaurants use tropical fruits that are cooked in sugar syrup with cinnamon and citrus peel and then served on white cheese for contrasting flavor or baked in flakey pastries. Cuban restaurants and their cuisine is a mixture of Spanish, African and Carribean cuisine. Cuban restaurants typical meal includes rice and beans, cooked together or apart, named Congri or Moros. Cuban restaurants traditional dessert includes guava candied in syrup with anise and cinnamon served with a tangy and pungent white Sheep milk cheese. Rice and beans are a culinary element found throughout Cuba. Cuban restaurants most popular sauce is known as Mojito.