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Hoses - Marine & Offshore

A hose is a hollow tube used to carry fluids from one location to another. Hoses are sometimes also called pipes. Hoses are usually cylindrical in shape. Hoses in marine are a vital part of a boat. Hoses in marine are used instead of pipe owing to their flexibility and better and easier installations, especially where tight spaces, movement and vibration are a factor. Hoses are used as plumbing to deliver, circulate and discharge liquid and gaseous for engines, generators, exhaust, bilge, drainage, live well, sanitation, potable and grey water, ventilation, gas appliance, climate control, etc. Hoses are often connected as an extension of a hole in a boat, above and below the water line. Marine hose must be specially designed for best possible, long term performance and resistance to its fluids and aging in a tough environment, prone to vibration and movement, heat and cold, ozone, salt air and water. Hoses are also used for offshore fish farming.