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Glass - Textured

Glass-textured is used to enhance visual interest and provides varying levels of opacity to any purpose by creating subtle shifting of light. Glass –textured is ideal for furniture, shower enclosures, privacy windows and more. Standard textured glass is also a very economical option. Glass-textured is fashioned by pressing semi-molten glass between two metal rollers for a unique pattern. Glass textured scatters light, crafting new opportunities for conceptual freedom and design. Glass textured also boosts aesthetics and increases design flexibility with color laminates. Color options include true blue, sapphire, aquamarine, blue-green, blue-grey, ocean grey, grey, smoke grey, evening shadow, bronze, brown, tangerine, deep red, coral rose, ruby red, Sahara sun, golden light, arctic snow, cool white, polar white and absolute black. Standard clear laminates are also an option.