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Dyes & Dyestuffs

A dye is a natural or synthetic coloured substance. Dye is applied in an aqueous solution and requires a mordant to improve the fastness of the dye on the fiber. Usually cloths, papers and products are given colours by using dyes. Relevant components of a dye are called dyestuffs. Majority of natural dyes are from plant sources, such as roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood, fungi and lichens. Dyes are useful in a variety of industries, from textile dyeing industries to biotechnology industry. Dyes are also used by industries for inks and tinting. Dyes are available in various forms, including dry powders, granules, pastes, liquids, pellets, and chips. Dyes are also used in a variety of products including paper and pulp, adhesives, art supplies, beverages, ceramics, construction, cosmetics, food, glass, paints, polymers, soap, wax bio medicine etc.