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Day Care Centres & Nurseries

Day Care centers & nurseries operate on the principle of providing a safe and monitored environment to underage children whose parents have to go for jobs. Day Care and nurseries, apart from providing care, also may instruct a child on manners, teaching lessons and other activities aimed at boosting a child’s confidence, yet maintaining a friendly but firm setting. Day care employs staff which is predominantly female and is considered to be the fifth most female-dominated occupation. Good day care centers must have established ground rules and policies, a motivating and ordered environment, capable, loving staff and clean, safe facilities. Best day care centers inculcate in their curriculum physical activity, play time, quiet time, including daily storybook sessions for different age groups and individuals, group activities, meals, snacks and free time. Also in the day care center they have arrangement for cribs and bed to allow the toddlers or small children to sleep and be comfortable. As mostly some of them have to be there till evening.