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Cladding means using some material for covering with an intention of protecting a surface. Cladding branches out into metal working, fiber optics, construction, copper, rain screen and nuclear fuel. It is used to control the penetration of weather or other foreign elements, at time cladding is used simply for artistic purposes. Known as the process of protecting one metal by bonding a second metal to its surface, Cladding does not specifically need to provide a water-proof condition. It prevents damage and injury. Cladding comes in different colours, from beige, white, yellow and grey in timber cladding. The materials used may be a combination of metals, aluminum, or plastic, installed around windows, doors, roofs, and chimneys. Cladding stops rainwater from entering the home. Cladding is also used in greenhouses, hot houses, swimming pools, spas and hotel gyms or in external profiles of buildings. The choice of material depends on the use, requirements and purpose. Cladding panels offer strength and a lifetime guarantee.