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Blasting & Quarrying Contractors & Eqpt Suppliers

Blasting and drilling is done to loosen rocks from the earth. This is usually done in quarries after deciding the amount of rock that is required. The process of blasting is done based on the amount and size of rocks required. Experts are used for drilling and blasting in quarries as it requires the use of explosives. Experts handle the blasting process safely, efficiently and quietly. Holes are drilled in the earth and explosives are placed there. The explosives are detonated to create a blast and loosen the rocks. The blasting process is actually very short in duration. Blasting is done regularly in quarries and vibrations are noted and monitored to ensure safety. Equipments used in blasting include hauling trucks, pit loaders and crushers. Screening is done to separate rocks of varying sizes. Trucks and conveyer belts move stones from one place to another.