Fish & seafood can either be grown in fresh as well as saltwater. Fish & seafood can be humanity’s most essential food, after cereals, furnishing approximately 15 percent of the world population’s protein intake. Lean fish muscle presents 18–25 percent protein through weight, the equal of pork or poultry, however is tons lower in energy. In fish, one gram of protein is present for four to ten calories, as contrasted with 10–20 calories consistent with protein grams for lean meats and as much as 30 for fatty meats. There are various fish & seafood trading companies in UAE as people are obsessed with fish & seafood. 

The Different Categories Of Seafood Are Fish (Marine Pelagic, Marine Demersal, Diadromous, and Freshwater), Mollucus (Bivalves, Gastropods, Cephalopods, others), Crustaceans (Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Kril, other), Other aquatic animals (Aquatic mammal, Aquatic reptiles, Echinoderms, Jellyfish, other), Aquatic plants and microphytes (Seaweed, Microphytes, Aquatic plants).

Different Categories Of Fishes Are Agnatha Jawless Fish, Osteichthyes- bony fish, and Chondrichthyes- cartilaginous fish (Ray-finned group, Lobe finned group).

Importance Of Fish & Seafood In Daily Lives Are:

1. Nutritious: fish & seafood is considered highly nutritious. It has various vitamins, nutritions that are needed for us such as omega 3s iron, vitamin D, and also is rich in proteins. It can help in building up muscles and bones. Also, it helps in improving the immune system and keeps the heart-healthy.

2. Cook easily: it is cooked easily and many dishes can be cooked in 15 mins. It can be tested if cooked properly just by poking a fork in it.

3. Versatile: it can be cooked in various ways. They are mainly found as canned or frozen.

4. Flavourful: food & seafood are mainly filled with flavors and are cherished by lots of people.


The Methods Used By Fish Suppliers In Fish Production:

Capture Fishery: it is also called wild fishery. Natural fishes are obtained by this method.

Culture Fishery: It is also known as fish farming or pisciculture. It is further divided: 

Inland Fishery: it is done in freshwater. Such as ponds, lakes, rivers, and tanks. It does not gather a high amount of fish. Common types of fishes found are rohu, catla, grass carp, common carp, etc.

Marine Fishery: it is done with fishnets in oceans. It is done in a vast number and lots of people are involved in the marine fishery. Common types of fishes gather are sardines, mackerel, mussels, prawns, etc.

The Methods Used By Fish Suppliers In Fish Farming:

Extensive Fish Farming: it is an economic and labor inputs are low. It is one of the natural ways of fish farming. Only natural food is used to increase the production in extensive fish farming. It is one of the least managed kinds of farming. The labor and investment cost is low in this kind of farming.

Semi-Intensive Fish Farming: it is the moderate level of economic and labor. The production is increased by supplementary feeding and fertilizers. It involves higher labor and feeding costs. In this farming, less water is wasted. It involves higher investment.

Intensive Fish Farming: intensive fish farming is done as they feed their fish with supplementary food. Intensive fish farming is one of the feasible methods of fish farming.  It provides high-level input because of which higher investment is worth it. They always achieve higher profit in small amounts of water. It is one of the most used methods.

The Ways To Store Fish & Seafood In UAE:

Keeps the food cold: the fish & seafood need to be kept in a certain environment. It assures us how long the food will last. Fish & seafood need to be kept at a cool temperature. It is mainly kept in the coldest part of the refrigerator. 

Store the food properly: it needs to be stored immediately or within 1 to 2 days of purchase. The fish & seafood needs to be wrapped up tightly and kept moist proof. 

Handle with care: it needs to be handled properly and with a clean hand. It needs to be prepared in a clean utensil and with clean hands only else it can go stale easily.

Things To Remember While Buying Fish & Seafood:

1. Fresh: always buy fresh and proper refrigerated food only, as fish & seafood can go stale very soon. Always check the smell and fish eyes should be clear and shiny. 

2. Frozen: always buy food that is properly packed. Always check the label on the food. If the package is torn then do not eat the food.

3. Safe: if buying unpacked fish & seafood always check that the food is separated from the raw food. Always clean your hands while handling the food.

There are lots of fish trading companies and seafood trading companies in the UAE. These Fish & Seafood Trading Companies usually store the food in their warehouse. Is it done in vast quantities and quality is considered in this process.

Fish & seafood is a highly perishable food and needs to be kept properly. It is low in calories and has various kinds. They are cheaper in the UAE as it is commonly found in the UAE. Fish & seafood are highly nutritious and are good for your body. Fish & seafood are demanded more nowadays and because of their popularity, various fish & seafood trading companies are coming into the business. 

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