Discover the best solution for wearing frayed Abayas for all occasions. Flawless abayas let your personality shine well. Sometimes you may feel that buying abayas will bring a feeling of not wearing them again. But you can always find a special one for a special occasion. Have a collection of amazing abayas with comfortable fabrics. Explore as many colors as you want and shine in every situation.

Abayas are the attires that are respected and appreciated worldwide. But you must find the best fabric before getting one for you. Fabric quality is an important factor in choosing your Abayas. One must opt for the right quality and design as per the occasion. Black is the best choice of many today but you can also explore a wide range of colors and styles of designer abayas along with hijabs.

Check out the most comprehensive guide to Abaya Fabrics! It's essential to make sure you are able to make the right choice when picking your Abaya. Find below the most informative guide just for you.

You can find many fabrics like:

Nidha- This is a luxurious and elegant soft fabric that is a perfect choice for summer. It is pure polyester and gives comfort while wearing. Avail of the finest quality Nidha fabric for Abayas.

Linen- Linen fabrics are stronger than cotton by two to three times. You will get excellent quality of Linen Abaya. It can be best regarded as a perfect summer purchase.

Chiffon- Abayas made of chiffon are beautiful, lightweight, and elegant. This soft fabric can be used in transparent dresses and beautiful gowns. Also, find elegant hijabs of chiffon.

Satin- This is a luxury type of weave for abayas. Satin is known more for its luxurious look for abayas and evening gowns.

Internet- Most women in UAE choose the internet as a fabric for abayas since it is thick, slippery to touch, and best used in the winter season.

Georgette- This is a beautiful fabric with qualities of denseness and opaque. The fabric is very strong and used for beautiful light Abayas.

Lexus – It’s the best fabric for an abaya. You can have light, elegant, and comfortable wear which is also soft to touch. The Lexus fabric has a nice drape quality and a matte finish. It is easy to wash and can be worn during any season.

There is no exact answer to the type of fabric you can use for making an abaya. It depends on your needs, comfort, and occasion. Choose an Abaya with a luxury factor and get beautiful occasioned attire.

Your choice of abaya does make a difference in your appearance.  Along with the right choice, it is important to choose from the right place. Check out for best options to purchase abayas from Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE. Find the one best for each occasion be it for daily routine or for a wedding.