How to be successful: Grabbing an opportunity when it comes

How life turned tables for Krishnan Subramanian is astounding! Someone who began with a goal of earning enough to be financially settled, ends up becoming a MD of the company. Life has its own ways of surprising and Mr. Krishnan wasn’t ready to settle for less!

Irrifarm is a leading firm for high performance irrigation equipment; manufacturing irrigation equipment, piping products and distributing top quality mechanized irrigation equipment from the premier manufacturers of the industry.


Your story from humble beginnings is awe-inspiring. How did you reach where you are today? What drove your success? Can you tell us your story?

Like any other NRI, I came to UAE to find a decent job and earnings. I reached Dubai in 1970, but found it very difficult to find opportunities that matched my skills and qualifications. I started off as a clerk and later became a Chief Accountant. I realized it is very difficult to match a good life style and savings with the income earned through employment alone.

The company I was working for as a chief accountant in Jafza, head-quartered in Canada, and dealing with the import and export of irrigation equipment, decided to close down its operations in 2016 due to slow business.  I decided to take a challenge and purchased this company from the parent company- Irriline Technologies Corp. based in Vancouver, Canada and rebranded it as Irrifarm Irrigation Equipment Tr.

At present we are the sole agents & distributors for Irriline brand products like Sprinklers, Ball Valve, Water Filters, Drip Pipes, Valve Box, Micro Flapper Dripper, Quick Coupling Valves & Compression Fittings in UAE and export to Africa, Pakistan and Australia as well. We do distribution services for other irrigation brands such as Hunter, Rain Bird, K Rain, Perrot & Irritec.

What were the obstacles in your path & how did you overcome those?

There are obstacles where ever we go. If we go in search of employment, there is competition among job seekers. If we do business of any kind, there is competition with similar kind of business/products.

Many other factors could come in your path like lack of enough capital, management skill & technological know-how.

I have experienced failure. Each failure has its own reasons to explain. But each failure has been a learning which helped me become a successful entrepreneur.

What keeps you motivated?

Motivation comes from the environment we live in and from the desire to serve our close community. We need enough money power to do this and for that we have to work. It is satisfying to help the needy ones around us, be it family or friends.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Society generally looks upon successful entrepreneur as an accomplished person. He gets many opportunities to interact with other entrepreneurs and take major decisions. Overall he is in a better position to extend the support to community development.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

The most satisfying moments are when I distribute staff salary two days in advance every month. Its relieving and satisfying when I am able to settle creditor’s invoices before the due date. Until today, both processes continue without any delay. Overall I am happy in doing my business.

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