How ethics and integrity in business can take you the long way: Story of Chetan Jaggi

Chetan’s business success story is scripted with ethics, integrity and hard work. He takes pride in contributing back to the society; he feels humbled to be in a position to do so.

Champions Energy LLC is a market leader in Steel Fences & Fabrication in UAE.


Your story from humble beginnings is awe-inspiring. How did you reach where you are today? What drove your success? Can you tell us your story?

Greetings & Thanks for having me here.

It’s now more than 12 years of growing together in my Organization along with the highly devoted and dedicated Team of Staff & Workers. I got some local UAE experience before initiating this Venture in 2006.

UAE is always motivating and fascinates people to Grow & Do Big. The business environment is so encouraging and invites one to take the big leap, with preparedness. I started the organization from one of the Free Zones here which was and is still very simple and supportive. This country has been constantly evolving and progressing that also provided me and other Entrepreneurs, ample opportunities to harness our potential.

Of-course, the start was humble and the ingredients were simple. With the passage of time, the UAE Market has received & rewarded us repetitively based on our efforts and quality. There is no short-cut to Success. Gradually & eventually the outcomes will grow.

We have always strictly followed the Business Ethics and that have earned us respect and trust. With progress, the work kept expanding and the teams got busier. It has been an Enriching Experience all through. We are well recognized in the market in our field of Steel Fences & Fabrication. Sincerity, Commitment & Time-bound Deliveries has paved the way to Success. We are proud to be associated with a lot of Prestigious Projects & Developments. Persistence is the key. I am very positive of the future growth of UAE and being a part of it automatically signifies the business potentials. 

What were the obstacles in your path and how did you overcome those?

Being in a Market Place comes together with inherent Challenges. But Daring & Ambition keeps one driving towards the Success. Business is simple if and when it is streamlined and established. The initial Thrust, Strategies & Efforts will eventually bear the fruits.

Implementation is very important in ensuring the results. The right Planning also is vital. The practical experience of the related market is essential to know the Trade and its system. The initial smaller successes give you immense confidence and motivation before the commencement of the Growth phase. Being a part of the show provides you a lot of learning and refines the thought process. And then the tough things start getting simpler & easier. One's conviction shall guide towards solutions & success.

What keeps you motivated? What advice would you give to your younger self?

The constant & ever growing Innovative & Challenging Market Demands are both a source of Learning & Motivation. The world class quality infrastructure invites you to upgrade your skills, keen involvement, capabilities and knowledge base.

The advice remains the very basic Management traits: Hard Work, Truthfulness, Dedication, Consistency, Dynamism, Can-Do Attitude & above all The Ambition to name a few. The initial greed and short-cuts 'Must be' avoided. Be Disciplined & follow the Business Ethics, the results are bound to come

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Being an Entrepreneur is satisfying, in the sense that you are your own Boss. The Growth and Progress is directly proportionate to your Hard Work & Efforts. More than that, there is also a feeling of Social Contribution. One provides the employment to the associated Staff & Workers, which is more satisfying. There is also a liberty to explore and know new trades, being in constant touch with the Market. It also carries some responsibilities to lead the organization to Success.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

On a lighter mood, getting regular Purchase Orders & Payments keeps one Happy & Energetic. On a serious note, when you are able to confirm a deal beating the competition, convincing the clients after a series of meetings/ presentations, sometimes proposing a better idea/ solution that finally get approved from the Consultants and delivering the quality without comments/ complaints from the customer, makes you both Proud & Satisfied.

End of the day, if we are putting in 100% from our side, we are doing justice with our work. 


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