Doh! You can’t do THAT in Ramadan!

Doh! You can’t do THAT in Ramadan!

Alright people, Ramadan is upon us. I love this month. People are kinder, gentler, happier, generous and grateful during Ramadan. Wish we were all like this throughout the year.

First things first, let’s list all the things that are Ixnay during Ramadan.


That’s right Mr. DNS (@DubaiNameShame), that means no abusing Audi Q7 Drivers or #MUFC fans and calling them muppets.

Seriously, No Losing Temper

Don’t read the latest tweets from Herr  Trump or any news about #Brexit or other #Exits, that will cause your BP to rise & turn you into a green moster.

Don’t Rush Drive to Grab Iftar

Its ok, take your time, grab some water and some dates before you set out so that if need be,  you can pull over, park your car in a safe area. Then have a bit to drink and eat your dates to break fast. No point greeting Iftar with an accident.

Doh! Don’t be a Glutton!

After 15 hours of fasting, you may be tempted to just gorge yourself.


Eat light meals, in smaller portions. Your stomach will thank you and you won’t feel bloated or worse, induce acid reflux.



No Loud Music & Dancing

Ok, so again, keep your shaking to a minimum and in the privacy of your homes. UAE is a very tolerant country and you may still be able to go to bars or nightclubs. However, they will not be playing very loud music. Refrain from blasting your car stereos on the roads too.

Don’t Waste

So you don’t exactly have to eat from the trash like George did, but food waste is a serious problem. $4B of Food is wasted in UAE & $2.6 Trillion of food is wasted annually around the world.

Even if you go for a buffet, load up your plate with only what you can eat. You can always help yourselves to seconds if you really want to.

No Skimpy Outfits

Please be modest! I don’t want to see your thongs… eewww or your “cheeks” busting through your yoga pants ever, and especially not in Ramadan.

Dear men, while you may think your hot pants are cool, please wear loose shorts that cover below your knees if you absolutely must go bare naked legs.


Please Put some Clothes On!

During Ramadan, please be modest in your attire. Wear loose garments. Be empathetic & respect this wonderful country who is such a gracious host.

The Only Cheeks I want to see ever!

Nope. You can’t Smoke During Ramadan

Why not take the opportunity to quit smoking all together? Find some tips to quit smoking here:

Smoking Shisha is a strict No-No

Have you already making plans for Iftar venues that have the best deals in town?

Note - shisha will be strictly off the menu. 

Dubai Municipality has banned shisha during Iftar, which starts from the time the cannon is fired till 9pm. Well, it particularly makes sense the elderly and children too visit the iftar tents.

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