Jumanah Kadri - The Culinary Artist

Jumanah Kadri
Celebrity Chef
Owner - Jumanah


‘Chase your dreams… in high heels, of course’. Jumanah Kadri is living her dream of making South Indian cuisine the most popular cuisine in this part of the Middle East. She is one of the most celebrated face of South Indian cuisine today. She is Chef by practice, TV show host for cookery shows , TV anchor , author of best-selling cookbooks and winner of several culinary awards.

What do you do and how did you get to where you are today? What drove you to success? 

Fortunate to own a restaurant in one of the most prestigious malls in Abu Dhabi, the Al Wahda Mall. My passion for cooking and my interest in exploring new flavours in a healthy way took me to the idea of owning a restaurant where people can trust the food just as much as they would a home cooked meal. Our secret sauce is that we ensure that our ingredients meet the highest quality standards. We want to ensure our customers can have a most joyous, and safe family dining experience. Never compromising on my passion and ethics helps me stay happy.

What brings you joy?

Happiness of people around me always makes me happy. The happiness and satisfaction of our diners and the love they give for the brand is a great source of joy. The greatest reward is the smile I see in my customers when we make their ‘special day parties’ even more special and unique with our party catering.

What would you tell a young graduate today?

Follow your own Dream, not of those around you!! It’s very important to discover one’s Dream, interest and passion. Once you set your goal to achieve your dream, plan out the path to achieve it.
If the path doesn't match your Dream you can never succeed.

Why is UAE a great place for women to succeed?

UAE Government focuses on building a safe and respectable working environment for all. Women are given Respect, Support and encouragement. They are appreciated for the twin roles they play as Home-makers and Professionals.  This constant support instils in them the confidence that propels them to success.



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