Omaira Farooq Al Olama - Champion of Champions

Omaira Farooq Al Olama
Managing Director
ALF Administration

Passionate about helping and training UAE nationals in terms of mindset, creativity, critical thinking and work ethic to enable them to become the next leaders, Omaira founded Advanced Learning Formulas (ALF) in 2011. Since its launch, the company has found enormous success, helping many organisations to retain the nationals and move higher up.

What do you do and how did you get to where you are today? What drove you to success?

I am the MD of ALF administration. A non-profit company that focuses on the development, training and empowering of UAE nationals. I saw a gap in the market, where my nationals just couldn’t relate to the trainers that were teaching them and thus were not benefiting from the trainings that they were in. The fact that we are from the same community we have a connection that allows them to feel comfortable in a learning environment 

What brings you joy?

Seeing my nationals succeeding in their hopes and dreams. Nothing makes me more proud than to run into or get a call from my nationals telling me about their achievements

What would you tell a young graduate today?

To never give up and to always find someone to help and to help back. I am a firm believer of paying it forward and its these values that I try and instil in my students and my family

Why is UAE a great place for women to succeed?

There is so much support from people from all over the world that live in the UAE and that make it possible for men and women to succeed in anything that they work hard for and put their mind in it.




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