Tanaz Dizadji - The Techpreneur

Tanaz Dizadji
CEO, Founder - Insydo


As the Founder and CEO of insydo, Tanaz has used her background in marketing, finance and tech to build an undercover city guide to Dubai. When she’s not fusing the world of coding and content, Tanaz blogs on LinkedIn and shares the journey of her digital start-up. Tanaz was recognized as one of the UAE’s 50 Most Influential Brits.

1.   What do you do and how did you get to where you are today? What drove you to success?

As the founder of a fast-growing start-up, unexpected challenges are pretty much the daily norm. Luckily, I thrive in this type of environment, and I always force myself to learn new things that I once thought were outside my comfort zone. If I’ve taken away anything while building insydo from the ground up, it’s that you have to always surround yourself with people who match or exceed your passion. The product (and your vision) might evolve over time, but it’s vital to have a team that's not afraid to invest their heart and forward-thinking ideas into what you're creating.

I came from a mixed background of accountancy and marketing, having previously worked as the director of corporate social responsibility for Omnicom Media Group, as well as leading other philanthropic projects. I didn't have much experience in technology before creating insydo - a digital city guide that curates Dubai's top businesses - but I knew instinctively that there was a market for it. I built a solid business model and began to learn everything from coding to content, with a singular vision to build something awesome. I've always felt that this was my time to be active and productive, and this mindset continues to drive my curiosity to master new things.

2.  What brings you joy?

Without my family, everything else loses context. But joy in my life takes on many different forms. Being able to put all my weight behind countless decisions on a daily basis is exhilarating. I love guiding new ideas from infancy to execution - and that applies even when those ideas fail. If you love what you do and care deeply for your product, it will never feel like work... not for a single moment.

Newsflash: the start-up life is tough, especially in a world saturated with an endless feed of content. From the beginning, I've wanted our product to have an impact on people's everyday decisions - from choosing a restaurant to exploring the city. With a group of editor's who keep their finger on the pulse of the city, and a tech team whose focus is to make the user-experience as flawless as possible, insydo has become a credible voice of influence. In my world, that's the kind of success that can't be measured in analytics.

3.  What would you tell a young graduate today?  

If there's one thing that every single graduate should embrace after university, it's the art of flexibility. That means having the drive and discipline to embrace new technologies, concepts and job roles in this ever-changing marketplace. Don't be fixated on what you should be. There is always such a rush to decide your career thanks to peer/parent pressure, but it's best just to learn, experiment and work smartly. You need to find the right role that challenges and enriches you.

At insydo, every team member is encouraged to develop new skills that don't necessarily fall within their job description. That's why our editor's also know how to shoot awesome video and market content Facebook, and our tech guys contribute creative ideas they believe will be popular with our users. It's this mash-up of personalities and work ethics that creates the best type of environment to be innovative. Think of it like this: if a job you're seeking requires something that you may not be comfortable with yet... learn how to do it. With so much competition out there - especially in the tech industry - your future success requires nothing less.

4.  Why is UAE a great place for women to succeed?

What the UAE has done remarkably well is build a real community of entrepreneurs from across the region, fuelling the buzz around the start-up scene. The international community is taking notice of all the positive business developments coming out of the Middle East, and that's due in large part to the 'impossible means nothing' attitude that the UAE has flawlessly cultivated and encouraged. Because of this 'over-achiever' atmosphere that's written in the city's skyline, it's easy to meet other women with the same drive and challenges while also exchanging ideas. No ambitious woman is an island in the UAE!

This country and its residents have long fostered the idea of possibility - and that's important if you strive to be inventive. The UAE has plenty of incubators that give you the opportunity to fund your concept, and government-supported projects have been a lifeline for young Emirati women in their pursuit of success. It would be impossible for me to single out any one woman who has inspired me on my journey... I just know that there's a bedrock of community support that I hope I contribute to in my own small way.


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