4 Summer Beauty Hacks that will get you through this Season

 It’s that time of the year when all your jackets go back in the depths of your closet and your tank tops, shorts and sundresses come out, Umbrella’s come out to give your sunscreen company and the scarves get packed away. Yes, the time of the year is when you get to relax at the beach, lounge by the pool and chill out with your friends. But it’s also the time when oily skin gets oilier, dry skin gets patchier. It’s when you get intense breakouts, pimples, rashes, sunburns, chafes and they seem to last all summer! Just a few simple steps to add to your beauty regime can ensure that you’re all set to glow this summer season.

1.Let your skin breathe

You might want to lather your skin with high coverage foundation and BB creams to hide your acne and make your skin look flawless. But don’t. Leave those heavy creamy products for the winter. Thick creams clog your pores and produce more oil along with sweat which leads to more acne. Go for lighter lotions and serums. Water based moisturizers works for normal to combination skin. For oily skin stick to gel based creams and for very oily skin, reach out for facial sprays.  Use primers and makeup setting sprays to prevent excess oils and makeup smudging or running down your face.

2.Block the sun

Sunscreen is vital especially in the summers as the UV rays are harsher and the exposure levels are high.  Too much exposure to sun rays produces melanin which causes sunburns, premature aging and skin cancer in some cases. To dodge this bullet be safe and go for a sunscreen with a broad spectrum of SPF 30 or higher and apply it at least 20 minutes before you head out into the sun. If going swimming, keep reapplying sunscreen to maintain the protection. Make sure to apply a lip balm with sunblock properties to avoid discoloration and protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. They’re not only stylish, they also protect your eyes from damage.

3.Scrub Scrub Scrub!

Summer heat means less clothing so start prepping for your skin’s soft, smooth, glowing appearance by exfoliating weekly with a body scrub. Exfoliating gets rid of dead dry skin so make sure to put a special focus on rough, dry areas such as elbows, knees, and heels. Make a homemade sugar scrub or buy one from a drugstore. You could also go to a spa like this or any of these and get comforting body massages and exfoliation.

4.Don’t forget your locks

A beach day or an afternoon by the pool sounds like fun but they can damage your luscious locks and leave them brittle and dry. Sun, sand, chlorine and saltwater can cause major havoc to your hair especially if it is color treated. Deep condition your hair at your home or preferably at a salon like this or this. This will strengthen your hair, restore hydration, add moisture, smoothen hair, avoid frizz and add shine to your hair if done at least once every two weeks. Going to a beauty salon and consulting a professional can help you to gain more knowledge on how to keep your hair safe.

Follow these tips, wear a sundress, apply a bright red lipstick and frolic into the sun and enjoy this summer while it lasts!

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