Insure to Ensure a Steady Future

I’ve had a total of three cars in my life. Three well-loved cars kept in pristine condition. I have also been in three accidents. None of which was my fault.  All three times I was worry-free and well taken care of. I got temporary cars while my car was getting fixed by the dealer. And I didn’t have to pay a single buck. ‘How is that possible?!’ you may ask. Well that’s the magic of insurance. Insurance is a no brainer! It’s a way of managing risks. No matter how much we avoid them, accidents happen. When they happen, your only thought should be if you and your loved ones are fine and you shouldn’t give a thought about how you’re going to pay for the damage. When you buy insurance, you’re basically transferring the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange of a small premium. The insurance company then invests your funds securely so they can grow and pay out when you are in need. It sounds like a tedious task but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Below are some other reasons why you need insurance.

To live a peaceful life

Now this may seem a bit outright but insurance is vital for a peaceful life. Almost every moment of our youth and adult life is spent planning our future. Education, weddings, family, retirement and travel are only a few to mention. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. Your building could have a fire or your car could get damaged. We need to be prepared for these potential unexpected situations. Paying for the damages without insurance can cost an awful lot of money. Insurance can help us get through these times easily as the insurance company handles it all for you and you can just go about your life without having to carry all the burdens.  You can check NASCO Insurance Agency for their property insurance plans.

Take risks, be free

People are scared to experiment new things with their life plans or careers because the probability of something going wrong is high. If you have the required insurances you can take the leap and accept the risk as the insurance will be there as a safety net, ready to save you if you fall down. So go ahead and travel the world as long as you have travel insurance, buy that fancy car you always wanted and get a car insurance for it, and build or buy your dream house granted you insured it and avoid unnecessary expenses and worry.

It’s the Law

The Dubai Health insurance Law No 11 of 2013 that came into effect in January 2014 mandates that all nationals and residents with a Dubai visa should have compulsory health insurance cover. According to the law, the legal liability for every sponsor is to provide the essential insurance package and the coverage is the same irrespective of whoever takes it. If an employer fails to provide basic insurance for their employees, monthly penalties will be levied with retrospective effect. The fines can range anywhere between Dh500 per person per month. It is cheaper to get insurance than to pay for default as the fines are far higher than the actual cost of the essential benefits package. You can get employee health insurance packages here.  The same goes for car insurance. To get basic car insurance for every car is necessary. If your budget allows, you can buy a higher level of insurance which has a wider coverage and is more suitable to your needs. 

It’s cheap!

This may sound stupid but insurance is actually really cheap. Take the case of Health insurance. The minimum amount you pay for the basic insurance mandated by law is from AED 500- 700 annually. Which means you are paying only Dh1 everyday. It takes only 1 Dirham one day to protect yourself!

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