Beauty Salon Apps - Find The Best Beauty Salon In UAE For Makeup And Hairstyling!

Technology is invading every sphere of our functioning and it has made its way into the grooming world as well. Salons and beauty service centres are an unavoidable and important part of modern women all over the world and UAE is no different. It is not easy to avail appointments with the most popular salons and if in case a beauty emergency pops up, it becomes a sticky pickle situation. This is where the technology comes to rescue in the form of apps that can easily be installed on your phones through which bookings and appointments can be availed seamlessly. Here are the top three Beauty Service apps in the country

ShaveMe - Health & Beauty App of the Year

The Health & Beauty App Of The Year presented by ShortList Mobile App Awards 2016 & the Best Islamic Economy Startup at The Entrepreneur Day 2016, ShaveMe! Developed by Essentially Precise, this health and beauty app should be the latest add to your queue. ShaveMe works with many of your nearby Barber Shops and has taken grooming to another level for men. The application is convenience on demand. With the push of a button, the application delivers a list of Barber shops around you. It also offers services that range from hair-cut, dying, hair-styling, waxing, beard styling and shaving along with giving you the freedom to select your personal or most liked stylist. Booking an appointment with your barber as per your convenience is now just as easy as ordering dinner. You can also schedule your appointments hours and days in advance. The beauty on-demand app is available all around UAE.


BEEM is the first ever beauty services app that launched in the country and so it can be called revolutionary. BEEM is an acronym and stands for Beauty Emergency. True to its name, the app helps the users to find nearby salons with the help of GPS and finalize bookings after going through the available treatments. Once your bookings are confirmed you receive notification on your phone. This app is a beauty superhero. It saves you the effort and time you put into searching for a suitable salon for a particular treatment on a convenient time slot. Just feed in the services you need, your location and time, and BEEM is here to recue by showing all possible combinations of results. However, BEEM has not yet launched in-app payment service, so be sure to carry your cash with you.


Though BEEM is the first app launched in the sector, VANIDAY has more salons and spas under its hood. VANIDAY has over 500 salons and spas covered under its app that you will be spoilt for choices. The app allows you to search the salons around you, view treatments available and make bookings. You can also make your payment through the app which is very convenient for those who do not want to carry cash around. The best feature of this app is its live calendar which shows you the available slots for particular treatments without having to make calls with the beautician. VANIDAY also gives you access to exclusive offers put out by top salons in the region.

Pastels Salon App

If you are a loyal client of the Pastels Salon, this app will be very handy for you. Pastels are a very popular salon chain with centres all around the country. The app allows you to find the nearest Pastel salon and make bookings. You can select your favourite beautician and book appointments with them through the feature called ‘Meet the Team’.

Coupon Deals

You will be able to find a bunch of online coupon stores from which you can purchase promotional offers, deals and packages put out by various salons and spas across the country. Although this may not help in case of emergencies it is a great value for money option. You can also make use of these coupons to gift your friends/family or save for later use. Groupon and Cobone are the two more popular apps for coupons. The Entertainer is another popular medium though which you can buy beauty coupons for high-end salons. Though the Entertainer is published in book form, lately it has launched its app and has made its presence in the virtual world.

So update your smart phones and check out your app stores for these life-savers. You can plan your grooming regimen from home or at work without the help of google or taking pains to ring up those salons. With these apps, beauty is now just a touch away!

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