Giving Birth In UAE? Here Are A Few Tips You Need To Consider

Plans do not always go as planned, right? And hence the best advice to give a woman who is about to give birth to a child is, always be positive and expect the best. The more adjusting and flexible you are to the environment, the better it would be for you and your baby. When it comes to giving being a mommy, you and your spouse need to be well prepared way in advance.

This is where, you must have a plan A, but also a plan B, C, and D. Get to your options well like the hospital management & medical services; highlight your preferences as a means of empowerment. This is all in an effort to manage your expectations, right? If you are from abroad, you may be expecting a certain type of birth (whether it is private, public hospital or a home birth) based on where you are from.

However, in UAE things are a little different than other countries. Here the hospitals are always built with dim lights, warm and quiet environments. There are options of gentler and quieter birthing environments but it knows how to make it possible.

Here are a few tips you need to consider before giving birth in UAE:

Hospital Management & Medical Services
Have a list of questions for your doctor, the hospital management and also regarding the medical supplies. If your questions are honored and replied to with full support and contentment, stick to the same hospital or else, run the opposite direction.

Visit the hospital and get a photocopy of the procedures
Read about Vitamin K shots, Cord Clamping and the advantages of waiting, eye ointments, skin on skin or Kangaroo care, rooming in and separation between mom and baby, breastfeeding the 1st hour and the importance of colostrum. Other things to consider are being overdue, induction, augmentation and its side effects.

Know your rights as a client (Remember: you are not a patient)
Read everything before you sign and handover your body and your child to the medical team. When in labor and going for a natural birth, stay at home as long as your contractions (Surges/Rushes) allow you to, try to keep a quiet environment at home and bring as much of it with you to the hospital (ex. Favorite Pajama, wear sunglasses to block the light which can slow down a birth, your favorite music or Hypno-birth sets).

Have a solid birth plan
Ensure that it is flexible to emergencies and gives many options and case scenarios that will prepare you for the best and the worst, it should be empowering yet informative.

Hire a Doula
Of course I will have to say this, have a Doula. These helping hands act as a buffer between hospital and your family. Taking this into consideration, it also allows your birth attendant or partner to focus more on you instead of running around chasing nurses or whatever else comes up.

The best way to prepare is to educate yourself so that you know what options are available to you. You can be positive and determined to give your ideal birth the best you can and that will get you closer to achieving that.

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