Here’s Why Dental Insurance is a Win-Win For Every Expat

Dental coverage in UAE is not available as a stand-along product, many of the more comprehensive insurance plans are known to include routine dental treatments. However, these routine treatments have certain limits as well as maximum number of visits to the dentist. Moreover, there are much insurance that also offer dental coverage at additional premiums.

Dental insurance in UAE is only available as an additional option to some health insurance plans in offices & companies. That means if you want dental coverage, you need to pay extra. According to a research by The National, it is said that the demand for dental care in UAE is relatively high. "Almost two-thirds of 15 to 17-year-olds have tooth cavities, while 80 percent of 12 to-15-year-olds suffers from gum problems", The National claims. Several expats find it difficult to afford dental treatments in the region of UAE, as fixing even a single tooth with replacements or implants can cost you up to AED 5,000.  To add on, the average cost of orthodontic procedures like braces can cost around AED 8,000. To cope up with this kind of cost, it is highly recommended that expats opt for dental insurance.

Shameek, a resident of Dubai says, “I recently got a root canal done for one of my molars. After knowing the costs at quite a few dental clinics, I realized that the prices here for an RCT start at AED 1,200. The fact that it can go up depending on the crown options and the procedures involved in it, shook me off even more.”

Thulasi, a resident from Abu Dhabi adds on saying, “The extraction of my tooth costed me AED 800. Not just that, there was an additional charge for the bridge or dental implant to replace the extracted tooth as well.”

And hence, dental insurance is required in the region of UAE, if you do not want to end up paying so much. Here are the steps that will make it easier for you to purchase a dental insurance.

How can you purchase dental insurance in UAE

With mandatory health insurance that is now required for almost all residents in UAE, several expats are seen to opt for secure health insurance which they can afford to access healthcare (including dental care) at private facilities. This also tends to be an attractive alternative to the public system primarily because of their excellent services and significantly shorter waiting times. 

In UAE, almost all of the major insurers are said to offer dental insurance, but usually, coverage will not be purchasable as a stand-alone plan. In that case, dental coverage is usually offered as another option to be added on as a top of a local or international inpatient health insurance plan. And hence, in many cases, you would not need to purchase an additional policy. This additional dental coverage often referred to by insurers as a rider, will come with its own additional premium, the cost of which will vary depending on the type of plan and insurance provider you are using. 

Types of dental coverage 

Several insurance companies are seen to offer two main types of dental coverage: Routine Dental Treatment and Major Dental Treatment.

Routine Dental Treatment typically covers more common types of dental care, including:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • X-rays
  • Consultations

Major Dental Treatment offers coverage for more expensive restorative care, including:

  • Gingivitis treatment
  • Root scaling
  • Bridgework 
  • Periodontitis Treatment
  • Orthodontic work (e.g. braces)

The ideal type of dental coverage for you will depend on the level of dental care required by you and your family. As can be expected, Major Dental Treatment coverage will usually have higher premiums than Routine Dental Treatment. 

But, what is someone’s dental insurance coverage limit over? What are the other options? What are your choices?

Dubai Health Authority recently put forth a study that states that most of the UAE residents either a) visit the dentist rarely b) do not visit at all. The people in group A probably wait to visit a dentist in their home town where the cost is much cheaper. As it was learned that most of the residents are not visiting dentists because of the cost, the dental card was created in order to help make visiting the dentist easier as well as cost-effective for everyone.

There are no restrictions at all in order to who will buy the dental card and who will not. Just in case, you have dental insurance, the Dental Card will help you out once you have exceeded your coverage limit.

Members of The Dental Card benefit immediately:

  • No waiting periods
  • No coverage limits
  • No pre-approvals
  • You never have to file paperwork to get reimbursed
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