Are You Embarrassed by Your Recruitment Consultants Skills? Here’s what to Do

Want to be one of the best and well-known recruitment consultants in UAE? Here are the top 9 skills you require to become one:

1) Marketing skills

If you have too many candidates on your database, however you are not able to convince a company to hire any of them you will not close any deals. This is where, your convincing, negotiation and selling skills are most crucial. No clients, no business - as simple as that. And so, knowing how to promote your expertise, services as well as knowledge effectively to your numbers of candidates as well as clients is of real importance.

2) Be a good listener

To become one of the best recruiters, your listening skills should be great. If only, you listen very carefully to the needs of your candidates and the demands of your clients, you will be able to understand what their actual needs are. Moreover, the more questions you ask them, the more you will know.

3) Multitasking abilities

As you have to deal with companies and candidates on a daily basis you will need to juggle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. Keeping in mind the details of various jobs, companies and candidates is important in order to work efficiently as well as effectively. 

4) IT & Social Media skills

In today’s world, also being familiar with various social media recruitment strategies and IT technologies will give any recruiter an edge and proves that you are a professional who keeps up with current trends and technologies.

5) Body Language Skills

Being able to interpret other peoples’ body language can be very beneficial because you will understand quicker how people feel and what they think without them telling you. 

6) Problem solving skills 

You need to be a good problem solver because you might face situations which you never thought would come along the way. For example, people not turning up to their interviews, companies telling you that they already found another candidate, not finding any candidates for a certain position for a long time, etc.

7) Reliability

If you want to be perceived as a trustworthy professional you need to be reliable when it comes to punctuality, offering the services you promised within a certain timeframe etc. If you can’t keep up with small things nobody will trust you and offer you bigger challenges in the future.  

8) Team working Skills

Sometimes you need to lead a team of other recruitment consultants or you need to work in a team in order to find the best candidate for a high caliber company. Knowing how to manage people in order to achieve a set goal is important; good communication between all team members will guarantee that misunderstandings and inefficiencies will be avoided. 

9) Relationship building skills

A recruiter works in the “people business” and deals with a variety of different people on a daily basis. This person has to be a good connector, who loves to meet new people and knows how to use every opportunity to network and  to turn it into business results. Having great relationship building skills with all people involved in the process is therefore crucial.

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