Gulf Chinese Medical Centre

1st Floor, Sheikh Mohd Bin Butti Building, Office #104, Airport Road & Hamdan Street Corner, Abu Dhabi
Landmark: Opposite to Qasr Al Hosn
P.O.Box: 850, Abu Dhabi
Mobile Number: +971 50 7823400
Fax: +971 2 6393310
We treat pains very effective, about 5 sessions to cure most headache, neck, shoulder, back, knee, ankle pains. We have complete treatment for ache, insomnia, cough, asthma, palpitation, gastric disturbance, IBS, constipation, urinary disorders, overweight & menstruation problems.

Gulf Chinese medical center established in the center (ST 2 crossing with ST 5) of Abu Dhabi in 1995. We offer all Chinese treatment: Acupuncture, Herbal formula, Therapeutic massage, Reflexology…We treat all pains easily, such as: Headache; neck, shoulder, arm pain; lumbago; Sciatica; Osteoarthritis; Heel pain…

We also treat some Autonomic nerve problems with good result, such as, Acne; Insomnia; Rhinitis; chronic throat pain, palpitation; cough; Asthma; Irritable bowel Syndrome; Non-infectious cystitis and Prostatitis ; cold feet and hands; Irregular period; infertility; some Diabetes and Hypertension.

Most of our patients get cured or much improvement in 3-5 sessions.

Special Acupuncture can be applied for far away patient by once a week.