Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co (ADMA-OPCO)

4th Floor, ADMA OPCO, Najda Street, Abu Dhabi
P.O.Box: 303, Abu Dhabi
Fax: +971 2 6064888
Optimizing Oil & Gas production, recovery and reserves to maximize value in a safe, sustainable to socially responsible manner through the high performance, creativity and dedication of our teams.

ADMA-OPCO in brief, is a major producer of oil and gas from the offshore areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Company prides itself in being a pioneering petroleum organisation in this part of the world, having completed over 45 years of oil and gas production.

Our Mission:-
Develop Oil and Gas production to maximize sustainability towards 70% recovery using state-of-the-art technology, in a socially responsible manner, while maintaining the highest HSE, Operational Integrity and Cost Effectiveness standards.
Our Vision:-
To be the Premier Offshore Oil and Gas production development company, aspiring to operational and technical Excellence and highest Effectiveness of resources utilization through innovative teams to maximize Value. 

Our Values:-
• Transparency
• Respect
• Courage
• Professionalism
• Innovation - See more at: