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Protective Coating Supplies

Protective coatings provide a layer of protection to an item to prevent it from being damaged. Protective coatings are a layer that acts as a shield to maintain proper functioning of an item. Protective coatings are used in electrical wiring to prevent short-circuiting and corrosion. Protective coating is also used to printed labels. Protective coatings prevent rust and to an extent increase the function of the product, as in the case of coated cookware. Metal coatings are often applied to metal plates or sheets for outdoor use, limiting oxidation of metals such as tin or aluminum. Protective coating is also applied on roofs and fencing made with metals to maintain appearance and ensure longevity. Protective coatings are used on pressure sensitive address label to keep information on the label clear and legible. Protective coating is applied on restaurant menus and other printed materials, making it easier to clean smudges and other elements from the surface.